DH Projects

Visualizations created by me

Encounters in the Quasi-War: I mapped every encounter I could find between American merchant ships and French privateers or naval vessels during the Quasi-War.

Ship Movements of the First Barbary War: As a supplement to my dissertation, I mapped the location of American naval vessels during the First Barbary War.

Mapping William Eaton’s Journey: I mashed up a map of William Eaton’s march across the Libyan desert with his journal entries for each day of the march.

DH projects I’ve worked on

Tropy: Open-source software designed to help researchers organize and describe their research photos (co-PI)

Viral Texts: A large-scale scholarly text analysis project, investigating how texts spread and change as they travel in the nineteenth century (research assistant, co-author of several published articles)

  • Love Letter: An amusing newspaper piece that lightheartedly illustrates many of the ways in which texts traveled in the nineteenth century

All the Appalachian Trails: A website including an interactive map of all the changing routes of the Appalachian Trail over the course of its 100-year history (in the planning stages), with Mills Kelly