This is the website of Abby Mullen. I am a term assistant professor at George Mason University. I teach digital history and military history courses. I also work on Tropy, a research tool created by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. I’m the host and executive producer for Consolation Prize, a podcast about U.S. diplomacy on the ground through the eyes of American consuls.

I earned a PhD in history from Northeastern University in 2017. My book (forthcoming from Johns Hopkins University Press), A Difficult Undertaking: Conflict and Cooperation in the First Barbary War, 1801-1805, looks at how the United States attempted to integrate into the Mediterranean community while fighting against Tripoli. I also work on the Viral Texts project, where I do a variety of writing about historical topics related to newspapers.

In my spare time, I produce Big If True, a podcast for kids where my nine-year-old and I talk to experts as we explore the truth about big things.

I’m on Twitter at @abbymullen.

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