Since this is an entirely online class, all communication with me will be online, whether you’re in residence on campus or not.

Preferred methods of contact:

  • For questions about assignments or course procedures: Slack
    • If your question might be applicable to more than just you, please ask it in the public channels
    • If your question is very idiosyncratic or private, ask me in a Slack DM
  • For questions about assessments or just general chatting about this class, academic life, etc.: office hours
  • For questions about accommodations, final grade, etc.: email

I think you’ll find me extremely approachable and extremely available, but I may need a little time to address your concerns. If you haven’t heard from me within 24 hours after contacting me, it is appropriate to contact me again, perhaps using a different method.

Office Hours

Please schedule a time to talk to me using this link.