Week 3: Library “visit”

**Important: Please submit your grade contract TODAY.**

This week we’re learning about all the different tools and resources available at the GMU Fenwick Library, through a virtual tour with the history librarian, Dr. George Oberle.

This is also Labor Day week, so our activities are a little less robust than normal.

You have now been placed into a group that will be your working group for the rest of the semester. Everyone in your group is working on the same war. Starting today, whenever we refer to groups in the weekly plan, that group is the group I’m talking about. You have your own dedicated Slack channel where you can always talk to each other. I’d recommend that you go ahead and introduce yourself in your group channel.

Monday (or Tuesday, if Labor Day is your thing)

Website sanity check: Take a look at your group mates’ blogs. Look over all the pages very carefully. In your Slack group, constructively and considerately address any problems you see. Think about things such as

  • Leftover boilerplate (“Just another WordPress site,” addresses like 123 Place, etc.)
  • Readability: Can you read all the text on the pages? Are the fonts reasonable? Are there photos or graphics that make the text hard to read?
  • Professionalism: Are there any red flags about professionalism? Is the site sending the message the site owner wants to send?


Watch these videos by Dr. George Oberle introducing you to the library and the resources that are available to you remotely.

Video 1: Using the Library Catalog

Video 2: Using the Library’s Journal Databases

Then, open this Google Form and do a scavenger hunt for online resources with your group mates. If you can collaborate to do it, please do; otherwise, you can submit an individual form.

You should also go ahead and start looking for books and articles about your chosen war; you’ll need them in a few weeks, but you could go ahead and get started reading them now.