Week 15: Civil War

Listen to this podcast that I created last semester for my students in HIST390. (You’ll even hear some of their voices at the beginning.)

After you’ve listened to the podcast, please do these things:

  • Identify what you still need to do in order to get the grade you want in this class; check the assignments page if you need more info on the small projects or the final project
  • Do those things
  • Fill out your GMU course evaluation
  • Fill out this more informal survey which will help me as I teach this course asynchronously again next semester

Important dates

  • December 8, 11:59pm: The last time I will accept any new work (this does not include revisions)—this includes your final project! I will not accept new final projects after this date
  • December 12, 11:59pm: The last time I will accept revisions to any work you have submitted by December 8. I may ask you to make changes to any of your projects, including your final project. You must resubmit by December 12 in order to receive credit.

Important thoughts as we close out the semester

  • You have the option to opt in to the pass/fail alternative grading system. Unless you have discussed it with me, I think that opting into pass/fail is the wrong decision for this class. Getting an A or a B is very straightforward, and there’s no need for you to have a class like this not count in your GPA. That said, if you’re close to drowning in this or other classes, maybe the pass/fail option is for you. A passing grade in this class looks like a C—I don’t really give Ds. So in order to get a passing grade, you need to have completed at least one small project and the final project. I will not know whether you’ve opted in to the pass/fail system; I will only know whether you’ve met the qualifications for a C.
  • Watch my closing video: