Reading Stories Responses

Reading Stories Responses

For each week of Part 1, you should read/listen to/watch the assigned materials. Then create a blog post with this information. You may do this by copying and pasting the questions if you wish, or you can be more freeform with your response.


  • What area of the world/universe is being discussed? What other explorations are mentioned (if any)?
  • When did the events happen?
  • What questions do you still have about this expedition after listening to/reading this content?
  • What parts of the story were most interesting to you?


  • What is the form the content is being presented in?
  • What aspects of the form are especially interesting or noteworthy?
  • What aspects of the form don’t really work?
  • How could this content be made even more interesting or accessible to the general public?

Additional resources

  • Find (at least) one additional scholarly resource that relates to this specific topic or the week’s more general topic. Create a citation and also add the resource to our class Zotero library. You should not duplicate something that already exists in the class library, and you should not include primary sources.
  • Find (at least) one primary source that relates to the topic. Include a link to it in your blog post and a full citation. This could be anything: images, letters, journals from participants, newspaper articles about the expedition, etc.