Welcome to HIST389/395, American Explorers!

Chart Of The World Shewing The Tracks of the U.S. Exploring Expedition.

In this class, we’ll be considering how Americans went abroad to the farthest places they could imagine, from across the continent, to the top of the world, to the depths of the sea, to out of the solar system.

This course is also an experiment in digital history, specifically in podcasting. We’ll be creating our own class-wide, semester-long podcast project. Don’t worry–you don’t need any previous experience.

The Boilerplate

Time and date: 10:30-11:45am MW
Location: Horizon Hall 1012
Professor: Dr. Abby Mullen
Office hours: By appointment, all online unless we agree in advance to an in-person session. Schedule an appointment here.

Learning objectives

The students as a community in this class have two objectives:

  • Understand the complicated history of American exploration on earth and beyond.
  • Work in community to create a highly produced historical podcast.