Harsh Words for a War (in 1812)

The War of 1812 had been going on for about six months when this list was published by the Federal Republican¬†(reprinted in the Salem Gazette, December 29, 1812, which is where I found it). If this piece is no less vitriolic than some political rhetoric of the twenty-first century, at least it is much more succinct. Reasons, not long, for believing the War will be Short. 1st. Because the army lacks men. 2d. Because the treasury lacks money. 3d. Men and money are the sinews of war. 4th. The navy lacks encouragement. 5th. Because the President lacks nerves.[1. James Madison] 6th. Because the secretary of state lacks head.[2. James Monroe] 7th. The secretary of the treasury lacks heart.[3. Albert Gallatin] 8th. The secretary of the navy lacks every thing.[4. Paul…
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