DigiWriMo Wrap-Up

Digital Humanities
Today's the last day of November. Advent starts in two days; classes end in four days (for me, anyhow); and today DigiWriMo is ending. So, what was DigiWriMo like for me? Maybe I should start with how I did on my goals. Goal #1: Completed. All officer bios on Preble's Boys are completed. Goal #2: Mostly completed. In the last few days, I did slack off. Bad Abby. But I got a fair number up. Goal #3: Technically completed. I didn't do the intensive reflection I was intending. But that's ok. I wrote some other pretty good blog posts.   I purposely didn't tax myself all that far for this DigiWriMo. This is my first semester in grad school in a long time, and I wasn't sure how much time…
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