DigiWriMo Halftime Report

Digital Humanities
Today is November 15, the halfway mark in DigiWriMo/AcWriMo. It's time to check in and see how my DigiWriMo goals are progressing. Here are the goals: 1. Write one officer bio every day for the first 17 days, taking off Sundays. I'm happy to report that I'm right on target. Today, I completed the last of my officer bios: Stephen Decatur.  2. Write one or two ship bios for the remaining days. (Take Thanksgiving Day and Sundays off.) Since I just completed the officer bios, tomorrow begins the ship bios. These are going to take more work because for most of them, there is no one authoritative source to consult.  3. Blog about the progress and challenges of the site at least twice during the month. Well, here's blog post…
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