This is an online class, and as such, all interactions between me and you will be online. I’ll still have office hours, which you can schedule, but there are also a few other ways we can keep in contact.

  • Slack: Slack is really where we’re going to do most of our communicating. It’s where you can get help from me or your classmates; collaborate with your classmates; share random cool stuff you’ve run across; or lots of other things.
  • Email: You’re welcome to email me at If you need something urgently, do not email me. Send me a message in Slack. If you are sending me something that requires official documentation, email is the right choice.
  • Office hours: Office hours are for conversations too complicated or too multifaceted for typing out in Slack. I welcome you to join me in my Zoom room anytime during my office hours, but if none of those times work for you, we can certainly work out another time. (You’ll need to book at least two office hours appointments this semester, but that’s a minimum, not a maximum.)