This is a research seminar, so you will be creating a project that includes research. However, it is also going to require some technological skill as well. I’ll be helping you with the process, but at some point, you may have to do some independent work to troubleshoot tech problems.

I’d strongly suggest that you not work too far ahead, as I reserve the right to alter the assignments as we go, due to shifts in student interests, new materials being released, or societal upheaval.

The assignments in this class boil down to three main categories: (1) participation; (2) responses; and (3) final project.


Participation in an online class can look like a lot of different things, and you’re going to be assessing yourself on how well you do.

Our classes are mostly going to be synchronous, held on Zoom, but there will be a few weeks where you may not be part of the group that is meeting with me. You’ll have asynchronous tasks to do during that time. Of course, showing up to the Zoom synchronous meetings is pretty important for participation. I fully understand that things happen and you might miss a few; that’s ok, but the more you miss, the harder it’s going to be to make meaningful connections in the class.

Participation also looks like interacting with your classmates and me on our class Slack group. That’s where we’ll be doing some discussion and where you’ll get help from me or your classmates. It’s really important that you’re engaged there.

You will be collaborating with one or more of your colleagues to lead discussion for one of our class periods. You may use your classmates’ responses as a springboard, but be prepared with some of your own analysis as well.


Every week, you’ll have some material to read, watch, or listen to. Doing the “reading” is a given; I expect you to come to every class meeting prepared. I’ll also expect you to post a short response to the materials in our Slack channel for the week. This response should include:

  • Questions you still have after “reading”
  • Ways that you can synthesize all the materials
  • Thoughts you have on the reach or audience of these materials

Notice that a critique is not part of the response. If you have a critique, save it for our in-class discussion.

Final project: Virtual Staff Ride

The final project for the semester, which you’ll actually be working on all semester long, is a virtual staff ride. Find more info about the project on its own page.