Week 1: Introductions (January 24, 26)

Monday: Introduction

In class:

Wednesday: How the Internet works

Tasks to be completed by Week 2

  • Complete Project Base 1
  • Post your meme to our Slack group
  • Make your introductory video
  • Select a working group and sign up for a slot (first come, first served)

Week 2: Libraries and sources (January 31, February 2)

Monday: Online libraries

  • By Wednesday, watch these two videos about our library: Books, Journals

Wednesday: Physical libraries (our library, in fact)

Tasks to be completed by Week 3

Week 3: American Revolution (February 7, February 9)

Monday: Broad strokes

Wednesday: The cost of war

Tasks to be completed by Week 4

  • Write a blog post that answers one of these questions. Post your blog post to your group’s Slack channel.
    • Were there people who were worse off after the Revolution? Give one example and explain how.
    • How would you explain the American Revolution from a global perspective?
  • Respond in your group’s Slack channel to one of your classmates’ posts.
  • Watch this video about primary sources in the library.

Week 4: Organizing, describing, using, remixing materials (February 14, February 16)

Monday: Secondary sources

Wednesday: Primary sources

Tasks to be completed by Week 5

  • Complete Project Base 2 (Zotero).
  • Read the chapter by Gregory Nobles in Alfred F. Young et al., eds., Revolutionary Founders: Rebels, Radicals, and Reformers in the Making of the Nation (Westminster: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2011). (Use your library skills to find it!)
  • Read Jonathan R. Dull, “A New Navy Fights France and the Barbary States, 1783–1805,” in American Naval History, 1607-1865, Overcoming the Colonial Legacy (University of Nebraska Press, 2012), 33–48. (Again, use your library skills!)

Week 5: Rebellions and early naval wars (February 21, February 23)

Monday: Internal rebellions

  • By Wednesday, write a blog post that answers this question: Based on your reading, did the Founders make the right decision about a standing army and a standing navy? (These are two separate considerations!) Post it in your Slack group.

Wednesday: External conflicts

Tasks to be completed by Week 6

  • In your group, read your colleagues’ arguments for or against a standing army and navy. Find a primary source (using your library skills!) that either reinforces or rebuts one of your colleagues’ argument, and post it in your Slack channel.
  • Scavenger hunt! Go out into the world and find an artifact that relates to a war in the antebellum United States (or the Civil War). This artifact could look like a monument; a coin; a plaque; a flag; or really anything. Photograph whatever thing you find, from as many angles as possible. (We’ll use these photos next week.)

Week 6: How analog things become digital (February 28, March 2)

Monday: Digitization

Wednesday: Ethics of the metaverse

Tasks to be completed by Week 7

Week 7: War of 1812 (March 7, March 9)

Monday: The land war

Wednesday: The naval war


You must have everything turned in from Weeks 1-7 by the end of Spring Break in order to be able to receive the grade you contracted for in Week 1.

Assignments for after spring break will be updated depending on how things are going in Week 7!

Week 9: Timelines + visualizations (March 21, March 23)

By Wednesday:

Tasks to be completed by Week 10

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Go to Buchanan Hall by March 25 (that’s this Friday) and view the “Undeleted” exhibit there. Write a blog post about how this exhibit makes you think about your data and how it relates to the themes of this class.
  • Creative Project 1: Timeline

Week 10: Mapping (March 28, March 30)

In class on Monday:

All groups

For Wednesday:

  • Find a map in the Digital Public Library of America (any map, doesn’t have to be about your topic) and write about it on your blog. Include an image of the map and a few sentences about what you think the map is trying to say about history—in other words, what is the map’s argument? Then share your link in your Slack group, and comment on others’ posts.

Tasks to be completed by Week 11

Week 11: Audio (April 4, April 6)

Tasks to be completed by Week 12

Week 12: Games + sustainability/ethics (April 11, April 13)

NO CLASS ON WEDNESDAY: During class time, write a blog post about whether or not you think information on the Internet ought to be regulated, and what kinds of things ought to be regulated.

Tasks to be completed by Week 13

Week 13: Wars with Native people (April 18, April 20)

Tasks to be completed by Week 14

Week 14: Mexican-American War (April 25, April 27)

Tasks to be completed by Week 15

  • Read “The Civil War” from The American Yawp
  • Write a blog post about how the military history of the United States leads to the Civil War–or does it?

Week 15: Civil War (May 2, May 4)

Tasks to be completed by May 7: