The assignments for this class break down into three categories: weekly assignments, a book review, and assignments leading up to your main project.

Weekly assignments

Every week, you’ll be assigned readings or listenings or watchings, which you’ll then be responding to in concert with your classmates. For each assignment (or more probably, each week) we’ll have a collective Google Doc, where you’ll answer a few questions I pose, but you’ll also be able to respond to anything you like about the things you watched. These response documents will form some of the basis of our discussions, so they’re critical!

Book review

In a course that’s as broad as ours, there’s no way we can cover everything in depth—or really, anything in depth. So you’re going to be reviewing a book about some aspect of naval history. I will provide you a list of book options. This book review will be 3 pages long, and it’s a “keep at it till it’s good” situation; I’ll give you feedback and ask you to resubmit it until we’re both happy with it.

Assignments related to your main project

Your main project is what we call an “unessay,” or a way in which you articulate some key theme from the course that isn’t an essay. You CAN write an essay, if you like, but you have a lot more freedom. We’ll be working together to make sure you’re on track. You’ll start with an annotated bibliography about the theme you want to pursue, and from there you’ll conceptualize and then create an unessay, completing checkpoints along the way. If you’re enrolled in HIST395, this unessay will need to be digital in some fashion. More on this later in the semester.